Informational Videos

The videos and resources below cover a variety of topics. These topics include: general information about taking part in clinical research and the personal experiences of patients who have participated in a clinical trial. Some of the videos also mention the types of questions to think about and ask before taking part in a clinical trial.

Participating in a Clinical trial is designed to help audiences learn more about clinical research and understand the role of a study volunteer through first person storytelling. The video introduces us to several volunteers from different backgrounds and demographics.

Several of the videos feature CISCRP founder Ken Getz speaking to local and national audiences about CISCRP’s mission and programs, as well as the changing landscape that is improving communication between clinical trial volunteers and clinical research professionals.

Speak Out, Speak Smart is CISCRP’s award-winning collaboration with Langland and Shire that features Mike, an unconventional trial participant. In this series of videos, viewers can choose Mike’s decisions, and the videos play out to show the outcomes of those decisions.

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Ken Getz discusses Patient Ambassadors and the Importance of Communicating Trial Results

CISCRP’s Founder and Board Chair Ken Getz, discusses the importance of Patient Ambassadors in clinical research, CISCRP’s efforts and programs that engage and empower the volunteer community, the Medical Heroes patient appreciation campaign, and the Communicating Trial Results program which aims value trial participants as partners in the research process by informing them of their study’s results.

Participating in a Clinical Trial

“Participating in a Clinical Trial” is an eight minute video that features the stories of two clinical research volunteers: Shirley Feigenbaum and Gail Joseph. These two women provide a personal perspective into the clinical research process and discuss their decisions to participate and their experiences as clinical research volunteers. Also in the video are interviews with their family members who offer insight into what it’s like when a loved one is undergoing experimental treatment.


Speak Out, But Speak Smart.

This engaging webpage is designed to provide a brief introduction to clinical trials with interactive videos that provide patients with important information about taking part in a clinical trial.  You will also find useful information about clinical trials in general and a glossary with definitions of research phrases and terms.

Together We Can Make a Difference

CISCRP thanks the millions of clinical research volunteers and skilled professionals who are dedicated to finding safe, effective treatments that advance public health.

*You will hear audio only for the first 25 seconds.

Why They Chose to be Research Volunteers

Why They Chose to be Research Volunteers shares the stories of several trial participants. They share their perspectives and the motivations behind their decision to take part in clinical research.

Wise Friends – Interview of Ken Getz

Ken Getz, CISCRP Founder and Board Chair provides educational information about why patients participate in clinical research, how to find clinical trials and discusses excerpts from his book, The Gift of Participation.