Educational Tools

CISCRP has an extensive library of educational materials and tools that help patients, their families and the general public learn about clinical research and what it means to be an informed study volunteer.

Below you will find an overview of each of our available materials – click the link below each resource for more information.

Educational Brochures:

CISCRP’s educational brochures provide basic information about clinical research, key questions for patients to ask, information about patient protections, and resources. Brochures are available in more than 26 languages with references to country-specific resources. Additionally, some brochures have been created specifically for under-served audiences and contain culturally sensitive and language-specific content.

Titles include:

  • Education before Participation
  • African Americans and Clinical Trials
  • Los hispanos y la invesigacion
  • What is a Placebo controlled clinical trial?
  • Children and Clinical Studies

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Educational Videos:

Developed in a partnership with Public Health TV, and medical & health centers, CISCRP’s videos present real-life experiences of clinical research participants. Aimed at minority audiences, the videos use culturally appropriate language to describe the clinical research process. Our African American videos feature over a dozen physicians and educators, while the Spanish videos were written and produced entirely in Spanish, & designed to reach the diverse Hispanic population.

Titles include:

  • Participating in a Clinical Trial
  • New Treatments for Breathing Problems – African Americans & Clinical Trials
  • African Americans & Cancer Clinical Trials
  • African Americans & Clinical Trials
  • Nuevo Tratamientos para las Enfermedades Respiratorias(In Spanish: Discusses Allergies, Asthma & COPD)
  • Los Estudios Clinicos de Cancer(In Spanish: Discusses Prostate, Breast, & Ovarian Cancer)
  • Estudios Clinicos para las Enfermedades Mentales y la Diabetes(In Spanish: Discusses diabetes, depression & bipolar disorder.)
  • Los Hispanos y las Enfermedades del Corazon: Informacion sobre las Investigaciones Clinicas(In Spanish: Discusses Heart Attacks & Risk Factors in Hispanics for heart disease.)

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Educational Posters:

Our internationally recognized posters were designed to raise public and patient awareness of clinical research and appreciation for study volunteers and the gift of their participation.  These eye-catching reminders highlight the important role that clinical research volunteers play in advancing medical science and motivate the public to seek out more information on clinical research.

Titles include:

  • Behind Every New Medicine are the Volunteers Who Take Part in Clinical Research (also available in Spanish)
  • Medical Heroes can be found in Everyday Places

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Educational books:

The Gift of Participation is the complete resource for participants. It takes a fresh look at why participation in clinical research really matters, addresses what participation means and how it helps to advance medical science. Practical information on subjects like insurance coverage, compensation, and tax ramifications for clinical research volunteers is also included. The Gift of Participation offers a road map into a world many readers are just beginning to explore.

Titles include:

  • The Gift of Participation: A Guide to Making Informed Decisions About Volunteering for a Clinical Trial

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AWARE for All is a unique public educational initiative developed to teach the public about the clinical research process including the benefits, risks and rights of participants. This easy-to-use, complete toolkit is designed to enable clinical research sites, hospitals, universities, community centers, health advocacy groups, and other organizations to host an AWARE for All program in their own community. AWARE-in-a-Box gives access to CISCRP’s proven tools and best practices for implementing community outreach programs as well as access to educational materials

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Medical Heroes Memberships:

Medical Heroes Membership materials, developed as part of CISCRP’s national Medical Heroes campaign, educate clinical trial participants about the importance of their contributions to medical science and thank them for the gift of their participation. These memberships provide volunteers with access to the CISCRP community and our newsletters, invitations to attend free AWARE for All events where they are recognized as Medical Heroes and given a gift, and assistance in locating trials online or over the phone through our Search Clinical Trials service. Memberships are designed to give volunteers pride for joining the millions of people who are heroes in the discovery of new medical treatments and to recognize them “Medical Heroes”

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