Medical Heroes

It is said that the greatest gift is one which is given anonymously, giving when you do not know whether you will getMedHeroesLogo_Revised300 direct personal benefit. Medical Heroes give us this unique gift.

Medical Heroes are the individuals who help advance public health and medical knowledge by taking part in clinical trials. They are found in everyday places, and they deserve our support and gratitude.

CISCRP offers a variety of programs and events to honor and support Medical Heroes, raise awareness of their important contribution to medicine, and show appreciation for their gift of clinical research participation.


Medical Heroes Appreciation 5K Run & Walk EventsMedHero5KLogo2015

CISCRP holds fun and meaningful 5K events throughout the year in different locations to celebrate Medical Heroes and bring clinical research professionals and patients together. Often held at Conferences and Annual Meetings, all proceeds from the 5K events directly benefit education and outreach programs for patients and the public.

Click here to register for an upcoming 5K, or email for more information about participating, fundraising, and sponsorship.

Medical Heroes Appreciation Dinner

Held in conjunction with Conferences and Meetings, these events provide professionals the opportunity to gather in honor of Medical Heroes and hear from them directly. All proceeds from the dinners go right back into programs to educate and support patients and the public.

Click here to register for the upcoming dinner, or email for more information.

Medical Heroes Alumni Community

This unique community for Medical Heroes provides past and present study volunteers with a wide range of complimentary offerings designed to provide ongoing support, build relationships, and provide numerous opportunities for ambassadorship.

Members of the Alumni Community are not only recognized and honored as Medical Heroes, they are also provided the opportunity to take their clinical trial experience further to make an impact on public awareness and engagement.

Interested in providing membership for your study volunteers? Email for more information.

Medical Heroes Public Awareness Campaignmed-hero-graphic-2

Created by CISCRP and Fast4wD Ogilvy, this series of posters, PSA videos, and radio spots were thoughtfully developed to raise awareness of the importance of clinical research participation and recognize the contribution of Medical Heroes.

Medical Heroes can be found in everyday places. Together we can make a difference through medical research.