Words of Thanks to Our Medical Heroes

Thank you! To the millions of people who give the gift of clinical research participation each year, and to the rest of us who admire them for doing so.

It is said that the greatest gift is one which is given anonymously, giving when you do not know whether you will get direct personal benefit. This is the gift that you have given by taking part in clinical research. It is a brave and selfless act. Your decision to participate may not only bring you hope but also benefits public health and advances medical knowledge.

To show appreciation for clinical trial volunteers and recognize their gift of participation, CISCRP asks research and medical professionals, as well as patients and the public, to share messages of thanks.

Look for the CISCRP booth at conferences and meetings to write your own thank you, or submit a message on our Contact Us page here.


Medical HeroWorking together

You are our partners. We work together to overcome diseases. I thank you for your dedication to this meaningful work!


Medical HeroMaking a difference

Thank you for your participation in research! I appreciate all your hard work! You truly make a difference.


Medical HeroAdvancing healthcare

Thank you for making other’s lives better! Your participation is invaluable to advancing healthcare.



Medical HeroGreatly appreciated

Thank you for taking the time and energy to participate. Your contribution helps and it is greatly appreciated.


Medical HeroYou improve life

Thank you!! New therapies never make it to market without you! You improve life for us all.

Dr. Joan Meyer

Medical HeroMuchas gracias

Muchas gracias por salvar vidas.


Medical HeroMaking life better

Thank you for participating and contributing to make life better for so many people.



Medical HeroYour valuable contribution

Thank you for your valuable contribution!!!



Medical HeroEverything you do

Thanks to all the study volunteers and everything that you do to advance the health and wellbeing of everyone.



Medical HeroAll of your efforts

Thanks for all of your time and efforts.


Dr. Qureshi

Medical HeroThank you so much

Thank you so much for participating in clinical studies! Your volunteering could potentially save millions of other lives!



Kind Regards,