Patient Advisory Board Panels

A growing number of research sponsors, contract research organizations (CROs), and research centers are turning to patient advisory board panels to solicit feedback and gather valuable insights directly from patients and their support network on a variety of critical clinical study-related areas. For several years, CISCRP has been organizing and facilitating patient panels and advisory boards to look at:

  • Protocol/study design;
  • Study synopses;
  • Schedules of assessments;
  • Informed consent form design;
  • Study communications;
  • Clinical trial medicine kits;
  • Clinical trial technologies and procedures;
  • and other study-specific materials (e.g., post-trial communications).

As an independent non-profit organization, CISCRP is uniquely positioned to assist companies and institutions in organizing and running their patient advisory board panels. CISCRP’s extensive relationships with patient advocacy groups, patient communities and former study volunteers play a key role in ensuring the best board composition. CISCRP can assist in all aspects of patient advisory board activity including board strategy development and planning; board member selection and engagement; board venue identification and development; discussion guide and board materials development; meeting(s) coordination and facilitation; analysis, compilation and dissemination of board suggestions and insights.

Patient advisory board panels are an invaluable approach to engaging study volunteers and enhancing their participation experience. Patient advisory boards also provide unprecedented insight into improving study feasibility, recruitment and retention, and in understanding patient perceptions and receptivity to current approaches, new practices and technology solutions.

Contact Jill McNair, for questions and interest in this offering.