Research and Data

Every year, CISCRP conducts research studies to understand volunteer perceptions, motivations and experiences with clinical research. To support these custom research projects, CISCRP gathers secondary data, develops and implements surveys, and conducts interviews and focus groups.

Examples of recent studies:

  • Assessing volunteer response to new informed consent technology
  • Gauging volunteer commitment and satisfaction in a long-term trial
  • Testing patient understanding and adherence to a draft protocol
  • Measuring global public attitudes and perceptions about clinical research
  • Evaluating the feasibility of ‘crowdsourcing’ patient input for protocol design
  • Gathering volunteer feedback on satisfaction with clinical supplies

See findings and data from our important research initiatives:

CISCRP has an extensive ten year history conducting groundbreaking research among study volunteers. Check back often for new and updated research and study findings.

Click here to view CISCRP’s archived research data

For more information on CISCRP’s on-going research initiatives, or to request a custom proposal to conduct a study, please contact us.